Library Lock-In

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Subject: Great Million Laughs Show at Library Lock-in!

From: Robertson, Carrie

Date: Mon, July 25, 2005 12:48 pm


Dear Million Laughs,


You sure did make this something these kids will remember! When I asked them what some of their favorite parts of the night were, you guys were up there. Thank you for not only making us laugh and enjoy life, but also for showing by example that people should keep reaching for their dreams.


Thank you again!

Carrie & the La Habra Teens


Carrie Robertson

Teen Library Assistant

La Habra Branch Library


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Subject: Great Million Laughs Show at Library Lock-in!
From: Patterson, Jill
Date: Mon, July 25, 2005 8:50 am

Hi, everyone ó


Your show was awesome, especially Sherry. Love the high school comedy. Everyone did a terrific job--enjoyed the extras (magic, boa constrictor) and the great comedy. Nick, a lot of the kids really enjoyed your humor. I didnít catch the entire show as I was in and out, so I missed most of Chrisí segment. Wish Iíd been there! Thank you so much for your support. This was a real treat for the kids.


I donít know if you talked to the kids about how you started the troupe, how Sherry got involved, and how others could learn how to do stand-up comedy. I think itís important for our kids to know that you volunteer your time to do this, both here and at other venues. One of the great things about our country, that is generally not found in other countries, is our volunteer ethic. Itís important to share this with our youth and encourage them to grow, develop new skills, and give back to their community, too. Thank you for demonstrating these qualities to our kids.


And thank you for the laughs!

Best to all of you,

Jill Patterson

La Habra Branch Library

Pictures of Million Laughs at the 2005 Library Lock-in

Before the Show!

After the Show!


Sherry Kay performing

Will Morton performing

Other ML performers waiting their turn