Million Laughs Comedians - Archives

Below are comics who have been involved with Million Laughs shows in the past.

Please Note:  Links from this page go to the comic's individual webpage outside of Million Laughs.  While ML shows are strictly clean comedy, not all of the comics work clean outside of Million Laughs.  Some performers may have blue material on their websites.

Charles Allen


Bill Ames

(No Photo available)

Anthony Adornetto

Dan Bialek

(No Photo available)


Russ Binder

(No Photo available)

Rudy Boehmer


Jason Booth

(No Photo available)

Joe Braza

Ron Breach (Santa Claus)

Courtney Ca

Peter Chen


Sally Conerton

David Cruz

Nick Dao

Tommy Darrell

Brian Dowell

Scott Dunn

Josie Dykas

Sasha Faynor

Phil Fleischmann


Allen Flowers

(No Photo available)

Bob Frady


T. Faye Griffen

(No Photo available)


Ker’in Hayden

(No Photo available)


Norma Jean

Edmund Johnson

Joyelle Johnson


Trenton Stuart Jones

(No Photo available)

Sherry Kay


Mel Kohl

Jonny Loquasto

David Markham

Paulette Marshall

Tom Matthews

Pola Mazur


Kevin McGee

(No Photo available)

Mary Beth Murphy

Robert Murray

Bobbie Oliver


Rebecca O’Brien

(No Photo available)

Tom Oliver

Louise Palanker

Milton Papageorge

Chris Porter


Art Rastegar

(No Photo available)


Ron Ruhman

Bob Schembre

Eric Schmidt

Dan Schneid (Dr. Phil)

Randy Simmons

Dave Smith


Angella Sweatt

(No Photo available)

Rosie Tran

Rob Twohy

Marcia Wall


Bart Weil

(No Photo available)


Ted & Ellen Whomsley

(No Photo available)

David Zasloff

Cyndy Zuzga