Million Laughs Comedians

Below are the comics who are currently involved with Million Laughs shows.
[Click here to see comics formerly involved who are not active at this time.]

Please Note:  Links from this page go to the comic's individual webpage outside of Million Laughs.  While ML shows are strictly clean comedy, not all of the comics work clean outside of Million Laughs.  Some performers may have blue material on their websites.


Howard Berger

(No Photo available)

Lamont Bonman

Jason Canning

Carl & Buzz

Chris Christian

Dave Corrado


Jerry Ford

(No Photo available)

David Forseth

Grace Fraga

Natalie Gray


David Groves

(No Photo available)

Patrick Hanifin

Vern James


Karen Kranz

Kevin Lahaie

Brady Lenardos

Wes Martens

Will Morton

Ken Nero

Brian Petrasek

Tim Pritchard


Luke Savage

(No Photo available)

Ed Smith


Jeffery Tahir

(No Photo available)

Phil Van Tee

Tracie Walker

Rob Watkins

Richard Weiss

Ken Williams (d. April 4, 2006)