Million Laughs founder Will Morton performs during a comedy show held at the Long Beach Rescue Mission earlier this month.

There was recently a first at the Long Beach Rescue Mission - a comedy show!

On April 20, Million Laughs performed a stand-up comedy show at the mission. The 2-hour show was held in front of more than 150 residents and staff.

Mr. Will Morton, founder of Million Laughs, hosted and had a lineup of seven local comedians, including Lauri Roggenkamp, Patrick Hanifin, Grace Fraga, Cisco, Vern James, Bob Schembre, and Courtney Ca. All the performers were donating their time and talent.

Million Laughs is a network of comedians who perform clean comedy shows as a community service at drug and alcohol recovery houses, hospitals, nursing homes, and senior living homes since 2003. You can visit their Web site at

"Million Laughs is all about making people laugh who need a good laugh. I am excited at the opportunity to entertain and encourage those less fortunate," said Morton.

The Long Beach Rescue Mission has opened its doors to thousands of men, women, and children since 1972. It provides food, clothing, shelter and spiritual guidance to the homeless and less fortunate of the community. Senior citizens and families also come for the meals or to attend worship services in the evenings and Sundays.

"The show is right in line with the variety of ways we keep a loving environment for our residents. The opportunity to present a clean comedy show is a sign from the Lord," said Chaplain Bill Haskins.